CG Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo

CG Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo

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Creative Grids 10" Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo Ruler by Jean Ann Wright.
Ruler features exclusive markings to create perfect finished Log Cabin; Half Log Cabin; or Courthouse Steps blocks up to 10". But, in this case, there are two sets of markings - one set for 1" finished logs and additional markings for 1/2" finished logs. Make log cabin blocks with all the same width of strips, or combine the two widths for limitless design potential! After adding each round of logs, place the appropriate centering square on the ruler over the center square of the block and trim. Since each round is squared up before the next set of logs are added, the results are spectacular. The cutting instructions for the strip widths and center square are printed right on the tool!
Give it a try with the NEW Geese in the Cabin Pattern!

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